Kieran Greene


Sharing with you my photos and experience in modeling profession.
Welcome to my full life and my work!

Hello! I am Kieran Greene.

Hi, I’m Kieran (Kizza) Greene, a fresh new model ready to promote your products and brands.  

I’m confident and charismatic and maintaining my health, fitness and appearance has always been important.
I’m a former goalkeeper and coach and I keep my athletic build by enjoying a variety of sports such as football, kickboxing and badminton.

My passion for health and fitness has led me along the path to study to be a Personal Trainer.

All of my passions allow me to maintain a positive mental attitude. I’m always willing to learn and seek new challenges. I’m here waiting to help you promote your funky fashion brands and sports products.

Height 191cm Weight 86kg Chest 104cm Waist 78cm

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Phone: 07415822759
Mobile: 07415822759

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